Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Turn it inside out!

 To me Andrew Jackson will always be a world-class dick for his brutal suppression of Tecumseh and the Creek Nation in 1812 and his subsequent campaign against the Seminole in 1817.  He also owned over 300 slaves throughout his lifetime and murdered seven people before he became president (check out the campaign poster against him above).  None-the-less, the man has impressed enough people to get his mug on the $20 bill.  Inspired by my Greenback post, blog reader Odios transformed Old Hickory dick into a paper twat.  :-) 

There is also an emo-inspired rock-opera about Jackson opening October 13th on Broadway, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.


  1. i had heard putting him on the 20 was a big fuck you from the bank systems.

  2. I saw BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON Off-Broadway this spring and it was fucking unbelievable. An amazing show that really hits the bullseye right where our country is politically right now. I HIGHLY recommend it! (Plus Ben Walker that plays Andy is hawt! lol)

  3. I remember that from 9/11, as "evidence" that the government was behind the destruction of the Twin Towers (they're burning, as you can see).