Friday, September 17, 2010


Love em or hate em, Wallpaper Magazine's latest issues is all about sex. In fact, it promises to be their "cheekiest issue yet". Deep inside, there is an article about Taschen's sex book editor Dian Hanson, a photo spread of what else-- beds! And a de rigueur black leather fashion editorial (still not sexy). Online is an article of Brazilian sex comics.

The last photo in the magazine (pictured above) is by one of MY MOST FAVORITE artists ever, Austrian funny man Erwin Wurm. The website promises a link to Wurm's recipe for deep fried gherkin. I searched and couldn't find it. Speaking of Wurm's gherkins. . .

Do you have a perfect penis? Wallpaper can tell you. Mine is apparently the "Porno". Go figure.

"Big, dumb and cruel, the Porno is brandished like an offensive weapon. The alien in Alien is essentially a Porno cock with teeth." Cheeky indeed.

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