Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Colby's cousin Cody takes on another wife! I need to catch up boys!! Does someone want to be "Colby's Special-Extra-Uber-Executive-Number-One-Bestie-Friend" and record "Sister Wives" for me? I don't have cable or a TV. If you're super nice to me I may just seal you in the Temple for Time and all Eternity.


  1. Wait! Cuzin?

    As a former Mormon and lover of "Big Love" I'm super excited for this new show. I will definitely be recording it on the DVR. I'm not normally this techno-retarded but how could I possibly then send that to you?

    Having once already been sealed for time and all eternity I think I'll pass on that bennie anyway.

  2. Hmm. I don't have a DVR myself so I've no experience transferring a DVR recording to DVD but this link might help:

  3. I just download all the shows I watch from You'll need a torrent client but the quality is fantastic and there are usually plenty of seeders so it doesn't take much time to download.