Friday, October 1, 2010


Above is a meticulously hand-drawn replica of the title page from a book about chronically depressed poet and writer Sylvia Plath.  If your brain isn't starting to hurt already sometin' ain't right!  "His and Hers" is the latest part of a body of work by artist Lucas Michael (not to be confused with NYC Porno King Michael Lucas).  You can see more from the "His and Hers" series of drawings and selected Polaroids from photographer and "Butt" contributor Benjamin Fredrickson this Saturday from 6-10PM at Our House (a gallery space inside the curators apartment in Brooklyn): 334 Eastern Parkway #4A.

Below are stills from Michael's video "Björn Again" (2004), and a selection from his photo series "Looking for Mr. Goodpark" (2006), my personal favorite.  They remind me of the long walks I would take in California after a porn shoot. . . Pipes and penises everywhere! 

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