Friday, October 15, 2010


I see a pair of prosthetic hooks in my future. . . Finally! My dreams will come true. . .

Thanks J. Bone for another incredible drawing.  But how can Colby masturbate without hands!  And no left foot!

Really though, I think I'd rather have prosthetic legs.  Which reminds me of athlete, fashion model and star of Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle Aimee Mullins.  If you haven't seen the Cremaster Cycle, the best of the series, "Cremaster 3", is making its rounds again in art house theaters soon (All 5 at the Landmark Cinema E St. in DC this week!). . . You can't catch it on video (though I used to have a bootleg copy. . . shhhhh) so keep your eyes peeled.

 I actually took a first date to the entire 5 hour long run-through. . . There is a scene in #3 that involves a man shitting out his own teeth.  My date turned to me and said " I think that just ruined sex for me for life!".  Its a moment I will always treasure.  :-)

I couldn't resist this adorable pic of a pup getting his first wheels.  Dogs really do have it best!

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  1. cremaster is amazing, fucked up, beautiful & horrifying all at the same time. the walker art center, here in minneapolis, has the largest barney collection in the world and almost always has cremaster playing somewhere in the place