Saturday, October 9, 2010


How does a bitch steal my glasses and my nose!  And my jawline!!!!  And my clothes!!!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrr.

This mysterious clone apparently calls Belgium home, though the blog reader who forwarded him along is named Andrew and lives in Chicago.  I won't show you a pic of Andrew.  Andrew is far better looking than me first of all and I'm still a little peeved at the Windy City for ruining what had planned to be the start of Colby's whirlwind global "meet-n-greet" tour.  It will always be a place of unreconcilable loneliness and despair for this tenebrous, little-known porn ensemble-cast member.  :-(

Though if any brave Chicagoan would like to put the first line in this post to a beat. . . and record a rap for Colby, you may just redeem the Great Lakes region for me.  


  1. What does los angeles have to do for a tweet-up?

  2. oh, please, Colby, we love you in Chicago - I certainly do - come back! We're sorry. What can I do to make you love us again.....

  3. really, please, what can we do to make you love us.... would lots of kisses help?

  4. Read the post Chicagoans! Write and sing me a rap using the line "How does a bitch steal my glasses and my nose! And my jawline! And my clothes!!!" and all will be forgiven. :-)

  5. I still can't believe you got dissed in Chi-town! You should come to the Burg, I know I would show up :o)

  6. Three words: Toe. Ron. Toe.

    Though technically that's two words with one word repeated. How about this: Trawna' loves ya!

    Or: come to Toronto.

    and: We're not Chicago.

    p.s. See...Chicagoans can't read. That's how they missed the Tweet-up.
    p.s.s. Just kidding Chicagoans. I'm sure some of you are literate.