Sunday, October 24, 2010


If you've enjoyed the vintage fetish gear from AtomAge, you'll definitely appreciate the Portuguese sexual thriller "O Fantasma", directed by João Pedro Rodrigues.  I saw this film back in 2000 when it was released at the Rice University movie theater in Houston.  I really enjoyed it. . . one of those rare instances when a "gay" movie didn't disappoint.  I remember most of the queens in the audience booing (they must have been expecting a more conventional soft-core GLBT flick), which kind of made me like it even more.

Indeed, you will see a beautiful boy doing some very nasty things. . . I won't give too much away but the end scene involves a boy in a rubber suit roaming the city dump eating trash.  Put it in your Netflix queue!

A good copy of the trailer was difficult to come across.  This is the best I could find:

I also found some Dvdrip Hotfile Links:


  1. If you like this film, I'd also recommend Ma Mere and La Pianiste, both with the beautiful Isabelle Huppert.

  2. I agree. Ma Mere is especially INCREDIBLE! I will post about it soon. . .

  3. I also saw "O Fantasma"back in 2000, when I live din Portugal. Only my and my sister in law stayed till the end, all our friends left the movie, including my ex-partner. LOL

    La Pianiste is so good!!! I love Isabelle Huppert... in the "I heart Huckabees" she is also amazing!

    I will look for ma Mere right now!