Saturday, October 2, 2010


If you're in San Francisco tonight, you should check out an interesting new event that blurs the personal and the public in a way that only brilliant San Francisco counter-cultural techie rebels can.  It's called The Six Feet Under Club and, like it's counterpart the "Mile High Club," the point is to get down while getting down...under the ground.  Webcams will capture intimate moments of partners buried alive in coffins and the stream will be projected to a viewing public...that's right, while you fuck underground, everyone will be watching.  Sadly, Colby was not invited to be a celebrity judge or participant, but if I were in SF tonight, I'd be there!

And of course, post- and pre-coitus there will probably conversations about some of our favorite buried alive movies....

The Vanishing (the good one)

And the new Buried trailer with Ryan Reynolds....

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