Sunday, October 17, 2010


. . . From children's book author and poet Ruth Krauss (also an alum of Colby's alma mater MICA).  

Does the cover of this book remind anyone else of the Ephesian cult of Artemis?  (crack open your Bibles boys)  The breast on the ancient statue of the Greek Goddess Diana (Artemis) certainly signified fertility.  The original wooden statue most likely held "boobs" made of amber.  Some have suggested that her breasts actually represent eggs or, more controversially, bull testicles that were draped over the goddess during sacrificial festivals.  

Selections from the title poem "This Breast": 

This breast boom-boom yippee slurp strawberries cabañas
This breast as we go whizzing along. . . 
This breast we have a fine view of everything that happens.  

FWI MOMMAS BOYS:  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Make sure momma has an appointment with the breast crushing machine!

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