Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"Friend of Colby" Jacob ROCKS!  Not only is he supermodel hot with a killer sense of fashion and a beautiful fuzzy bod, but he also gave me my best Birfdaze gift of all time!  Jacob popped my spa-cherry this past weekend and took me to a very reasonably priced Korean Bathhouse in Virginia.  

In addition to the two phallic idols guarding the entrance, you can experience the following deep inside: multiple hot and warm baths, a dry and wet sauna, cold pool (52 degrees!), Asian style sit-down showers, jacuzzi "seats" that allow you to leviatate on a platform of bubbles, magic ultraviolet-ray beds, North Korean style matching yellow uniforms, a co-ed central courtyard with sleeping area, a Korean restaurant and bubble-tea cafe, an "amethyst" dry sauna (complete with stone murals and a 10 ft diameter star made completely out of purple amethyst), ice room (with frosted walls and pornographic graffito) and ball room-- a dry sauna filled foot deep with tiny clay balls. 

About half of the customers were Korean (including several children-- not a place for sex!) and half Russian.  I must have seen two of the hottest asses on earth. . . both belonging to Russian mafia types, though I found out later that one is actually a famous hockey player (more on him later).  

The first public bath in the archaeological record appears in the earliest city, Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan.  Modern Asian baths appear to have their origin in Buddhist water purification rituals (Misogi in Japan).  Many Buddhist temples in Japan often once had free public saunas attached.  

It would have been nice to have co-ed nude bathing areas, as they once did in Japan before Western encroachment.  Unfortunately, this is one thing gay sex doesn't make better.  I was very happy not to have to observe a gaggle of queens wanking in the steam room, though I could swear the Russian hockey player was giving me eyes.      

I couldn't really take pics inside but here is one of Jacob in the locker room:

Jacob is just so sexy I thought you'd enjoy seeing more of him.  And check out the yellow leather shoes that he thrifted in DC!   There may be nothing sexier than a boy with a beard and good thrift mojo. 



  1. AAAAAGGHHH!!! I can't believe you went to SpaWorld. I can't believe I could have showed up there sometime and run into you. Now, be sure to tell me in advance next time you go, OK?
    I think I threw this into a comment before, and I don't know if you actually read these, but anyway: I'm teaching a course on Sex in American Cinema in the spring at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in DC. If, as it seems, you're in the DC area often, would you want to visit and give us the perspective of a porn star? (Porn or adult video is about 2 sessions out of the 14.) The people in the course are art students and it might be interesting for you. Obviously, it pays less than shooting porn. A lot less. A whole, whole lot less.
    You can find me at: bwelt@corcoran.org

  2. Yes! Of course I'd be interested! Could I audit the class too? What days of the week is it?