Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 "First Act" 10 white men penetrate 10 white women

If you happen to be in NYC and develop a hankering for some classy B&W art-porn stop by Team Gallery (83 Grand Street) to see artist Santiago Sierra's video "Los Pentrados".  Made to commemorate "El Día de la Raza (Day of the Race), a Spanish holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus's discovery of the Americas, "Los Pentrados" explores race, power and sexuality.  There are 10 "Acts", 4 of which involve man-on-man shenanigans.  My only question: why aren't there women penetrating men?

 "Second Act" 9 white men penetrate 9 white men

 "Third Act" 3 white men penetrate 3 black women
"Fourth Act" 7 white men penetrate 7 black men

"Fifth Act" three black men penetrate three black women

 "Sixth Act" 5 black men penetrate 5 black men
 "Seventh Act" 8 black men penetrate 8 white women

"Final Act" 10 black men penetrate 10 white men


  1. this is pretty interesting. I agree, it is missing pegging. But other than that, they've covered their bases. ;-)

  2. Race, gender, power, and sex -- fascinating how these issues are explored as if they fall on some kind of continuum.