Friday, October 29, 2010


In addition to my recent starring role as Count Dra-Keller in "Scythe-Sex 4", I'm currently working on the porn adaptation of another classic horror film: George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead". . . . but I need your help!  

I'm auditioning about 10-50 men (or women) to participate in "Night of the Living Colbees".  Print off a copy of the Colby mask (courtesy of Greg Endries and Scum Bag Fag Mag) and join me for a massive Colby clone orgy!!!  Who's the real Colby?  Nobody knows. . . . Together, we'll give those Bel Ami twins a run for their money!

If you are in NYC, the Scum Bag crew has been handing out Colby masks as pre-Halloween party flyers. The magazine release party is this coming Wednesday at Nowhere Bar in the East Village.  Meet Greg Endries himself, live in the flesh, along with his tattooed sidekick, the ever loverly porn-god Johnny Hazzard.

A few recent Colbee sightings in NYC:

And don't forget to send me pics of your cock costumes!  Or other clever Halloween attire:

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