Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Friday night's Spank-fest was a great start to October (and a sore one-- with two mysterious matching bruises on each calf and a swollen red right hand I am more than prepared for an early Halloween). Meet John (to my right), Alex (far left) and Molly.  All three stormed into my booth and demanded discipline from my rolled-up New Yorker.  Talk about Shouts and Murmurs!

While Alex came prepared, both as "Boy with Beard" and "Guy with Glasses" . . . and Molly proved science right: women do have a higher pain threshold (the New Yorker did not suffice; she needed palm),  John wrote quite the insightful tumblr post about the evening.  Check it out here: PORNSPIRED

I especially appreciate his defense of Judith and me.  Anytime you guys need a spanking, drop trou and come see Colby.  I'll provide you with a set of blushing cheeks to match my own.  :-)  

This song goes out to you:


  1. Red Right Hand is awesome! It has facilitated a superficial interest in Milton and my secret love of the Scream movies. Consider me flattered. I better see you again.

  2. Great song! I followed John's lead and wrote about last weekend in my blog, have a look if you get a chance: http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/doughydiploma. It was nice meeting you!