Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"Perfect for answering the phone. . . "

"The jolly red giant"

Just awkward.

"Regatta regalia"

"Solemn Sledding"

Weight scale?  Eye Exam?  Exercise machine? 

 "Sawing Wood"

 "Doing the Laundry"

Who says you can't mix humor and sex!

My favorite pics from AtomAge, a vintage British fetish magazine, show everyday fetishists doing everyday things.  Just cause you're in a rubber suit and a gas mask doesn't mean you still don't need to answer the phone and do your laundry! 

If you are curious to see more, there is a significant sub-section of the magazine devoted to wet gear-- rain slickers, swamp things, and scuba monsters!  I'm personally fond of lonely leather chick on sled.  No one wants to pull her!!!  So sad!

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