Monday, November 22, 2010



"The Artist is Present: Marina Abromović", which premiered last Spring at MOMA remains one of the best artist's retrospectives I've seen in a while.  If you failed to catch it, you're a failure. . . no getting around it. 

Thankfully you can catch glimpses online.  Recently I re-discovered one of my favorite pieces from the show-- "Balkan Erotic Epic" (2006).  I highly recommend this short video in its entirety (13 minutes).  Not only is it fascinating, funny, and pretty fucking fantastic, it took FOREVER to load to the blog.  Plus, if you want to see bare-ass adult men humping the ground, or Slavic boys with their dicks flopping out of their trousers you'll have watch til the end. 


  1. Definitely my favorite M. Abramovic work, the "to help the grass grow, men masturbate into it" is... "epic".
    Stunning work, stunning artist.

  2. I love her. I did a workshop with her as part of a show she curated for the Manchester International Festival - the workshop was about using mindfulness as a way of viewing or experiencing live art, especially durational performance. It completely changed how I interact with work now.

  3. I went to see her show and Bjork was there. I sat beside her and all I kept thinking about was when Bjork attacked that reporter in the 90s.

  4. if you haven't yet, you should get a copy of Destricted ( it includes Marina Abramovic's work. i bought my copy because of Matthew Barney *drool/swoon/howl*.