Sunday, November 28, 2010


Like every young aspiring liberal I often fantasized about attending UC Berkeley as a wee hippy lad.  The closest I got was the summer pre-college program at CCAC (The California College of Arts and Crafts at the opposite end of College Ave in Oakland).  My dreams of losing my virginity didn't come true that summer (messy painted pants boy where are you!?), but now I can happily announce that my dreams of being on the Berkeley campus have finally been realized.  In plate form.  And I even get to represent the New World!  Back to Europe white man!  I'm keeping your Delft and kicking you out. 

Thanks to the ever brilliant ceramic artist Sean Sprague


  1. You'll be happy to know that the Pre-College Program (at now just CCA)is still alive and well. I worked on the program this summer. Fortunately, no one was as hot as you, or else I might have gotten myself in some trouble.

  2. Are you wearing a baseball cap? Hmmmmm........

  3. I think thats Colby's signature helmet hair. ;-)