Monday, December 6, 2010


Whats better than a "Boy with Beard"?  A "boy with a beard" and a "guy with glasses" all in the same person!  Tack on language-lover, composer and poet, with the great fortune to be touring Iceland for a year and you have Nathan Hall.  Supplement your jealousy/lust with the comforting knowledge that Nathan has had the good fortune to feast on the carcass of a cute little puffin!  Not puff pastry mind you, but puffin. . . the bird and a delicacy in Iceland.  According to Nathan it tastes like chewy, smoky steak.

As a self-professed food tourist I'm more than jealous.  Regurgitate your puffin into my mouth Nathan!  Now!  Colbee Hungee!

So far Nathan has sampled native scarves, witnessed some wicked waterfalls and gone to church.  A lot of church.  But pretty churches.  Some pretty fucking pretty churches.  Amen.

See more of Nathan HERE and HERE.  :-))

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