Monday, November 29, 2010


At 47, Tony Ward is one HOT daddy.  Believe it or not he's worked as a fashion model for almost 30 years.  If you'd like to see more of Tony, including close ups of his hairy bush and flaccid fuckstick, check out the latest issue of 10 men (it should be in the men's fashion section at your local magazine rack).  You may also recognize Tony from his starring role in the landmark Bruce LaBruce film "Hustler White".  He also makes an appearance in Madonna's book "SEX".  Tony and Madonna briefly dated in the early 90s.  See the cock that once entered the richest woman in the Realm. 

Tony and Francois Segat "blowing" each other in the latest film by Bruce LaBruce "L.A. Zombie". 

Tony Ward, under threat of bodily harm, describing his secret to perpetual youthfulness. . . 


  1. Yeah, this man is still ridiculously hot. And such an incredible body of work for a male model. I especially love a lot of his work with Herb Ritts.

    And of course, major bonus points for doing Madge.

  2. Once again you have fantastic taste Colby! I've had a Tony Ward fetish for years. HUSTLER WHITE is a great movie, but watching him jerk off in the bathtub in LOVE/SEX in LA is beyond words.

  3. This video is killer and definitely shows his acting chops much more impressively then otherworldly zombie fellatio in LA Zombie. SOO-BLEEM!

  4. Tony Ward in the "Justify My Love" video....SCHWING!

    I think that's Santino Rice as one of the big bad dudes. I bet his meat reaches his knees.