Sunday, November 7, 2010


This man's-man-boy aspires to become a wild-land fire-fighter.  He recently completed a stint in AmeriCorps and quite handily masters the art of chainsaw operation.  Needless to say, like many of us (Colby now included) Ken needs a J.O.B.  If you are in need of a crunchy, Ivy League educated (Brown) amateur baker, who likes the outdoors and marching in protest rallies (for the free t-shirts), with detailed pictograms from his favorite video game mapped out in tattoos all over his torso (Ultima Series starting with Ultima IV), then Kenni-with-an-I is the man-boy for you.  

I'm told that he would especially like something in the personal-assistant/housewife category.  I suspect he's a bit shy when it comes to sex (hence his hesitance in providing this dirty pornography starlet more than one photo), but with a little hard work and some chainsaw grease I'm sure that will eventually change.  If you'd like to submit a job offer to Ken (or Colby!), write your detailed proposal to me and send it here: BIGSHOEDIARIES@GMAIL.COM

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  1. It just so happens I'm looking for more photos of potential personal assistants. Shirtless photos, showing of tattoos, are a must. Something in a white brief would also be appreciated.

    Also looking for a personal chef -- same photographic criteria applies.