Monday, November 8, 2010



So, true story, when I was a youngin' and just starting to explore the World Wide Web and all the glorious pornographic curios it has to offer an impressionable teen like myself, there was always one phenomena that grossed me out big time: Hole pics!  Maybe with age, attenuated perhaps by a good deal more sexual (and ass-eating) experience, what once turned me off now turns me on.  Its NAS-TAY in a good way.  yum, yum, yum.  Just goes to prove. . . given a little maturity and introspection, people can change.  :-) 


  1. Hey Colby
    Love your blog, your movies and especially your intelligence. This post reminded me of my youth and first foray into naked men. It was before the net and the early days of playgirl. During my adolescense I only got to see flaccid cocks in pictures and when I saw the first porno mag with an erection it kind of turned me off. It took until my first encounter to get over it, but to this day I still love the look and sight of a flaccid dick. I have learned to like them hard too.
    Keep up the posting and I will continue follow.
    Steve in Vancouver

  2. I LOVE holes, I'm glad that you do too, Colby

  3. I totally went through the same thing, Colby. Now nothing is better than a good series of hole pics- thanks for providing them today.

    The Count