Friday, November 12, 2010


As a culture (both homo and hetero), we excel at exceeding the obvious erotic potential of skin-tight clothing and its corollary, the partial reveal (jockstraps, nipple-less bras, crotchless panties, etc).   But what about the erotic potential of "one size larger than it should be"?  In this respect, the boxer fad of the 90s still has currency as does the long-lasting baggy-pants/half-off-the-ass uniform popular across the country (full disclosure: two looks I briefly adopted in high school, awkwardly enough, coupled with Jesus sandals).  Then there is the Lil' Wayne reinterpretation: skinny hipster jeans half-off the ass (hip-hop meets Williamsburg skater).  This look is particularly popular with suburban black kids in DC.  

But baggy briefs?  The boy above definitely know how to work a pair of grandpa panties.  HOT! HOT! HOT!  Double points for creativity, triple points for that fuckin'-fantasdick fuzzy bum.  I think I could stare at that last picture for hours.  Afternoon Ass Delight.  Mmmmmmmmm


  1. beautiful ass. i want to shove my face in there and dine for days.

    not sure how i came across your website, Colby, but i realized just a moment ago that i've never actually seen any of your movies. strange, because i do enjoy the porn.

    i need to make a point of getting one of your movies.

    you are certainly hot. even more so because you are so obviously intelligent.

  2. hairy asses are a beautiful thing.

  3. I'm glad to know you enjoyed the pictures, Colby.

    "Grandpa panties" hahaha.... well, in fact I borrowed them from my brother who's older tan me, it's just that he's a little bigger so that's why they look kind of roomy...

    Keep it up! Reading this blog has become a daily task for me.

  4. He's from Argentina!

  5. Is an argentinian boy named Alejandro Aguirre.