Thursday, November 25, 2010


Squanto says: "Take er easy there, Pilgrim."

If you missed it the first time, watch Colby smudge the white devil right out of Thanksgiving.

Happy National American Indian Reparations and Repatriation Day!  If its not a holiday, it should be.


  1. Colby, you know that I love you, but that's not what Thanksgiving is about. There were thanksgiving celebrations before the Pilgrims even landed at Plymouth Rock. It's a time of year to take a moment and reflect on the year and to be humbled by our blessings and to celebrated friends and family.

  2. Hey, I didn't think that YouTube allowed exposed peen in videos, be it still or motion. So how'd you get away with that?

  3. Haha. . . Counting down the days til the video is removed. . .

  4. Nice video and happy Thanksgiving Colby!!

    Could you post the original pics? ;D

  5. mmmmm... smudging and white devils ... a few of my favorite things; certainly thankful for both.
    Have you tried palo santo, Colby? The name translates into 'holy tree'. It's considerably 'cleaner' than most sages, partly due to it being a super dense wood -but dense wood is just quality like that;P
    (add some palo santo sticks to your wish list, maybe?)

  6. Hmm. I do like dense wood. Great suggestion beezleG!