Friday, November 19, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, after thrifting a cache of old vinyl for my birfdaze, I came across a killer double entendre diddy by Calypso singer Lord Lebby.  I've heard big cocks compared to a lot of things before but never a watermelon!  Only in Africa I guess. . . .

After a little more digging I soon discovered a whole universe of man on watermelon hardcore fuckin'.  The two videos above are the cream of the crop.  You'll probably find the first video funnier than hot.  I'm especially fond of the section where the video's protagonist turns to his own hairy legs as a means of arousal.  The second video, however, is more than wood worthy. . . Makes me wish I were seedless vine-fruit.

Listen to the song below, then check out the videos above.  If you crave more melon fun, I highly recommend the second video posted here: ASS-WRASTLER.  If you aren't convinced by Lord Lebby's watermelon innuendo, the ASS WRASTLER video will certainly bring new meaning to any penis=melon metaphor. 


  1. Oh lord!! Surprisingly erotic... and funny!!

  2. I wonder if all this melon fucking erupted because of the popularity of the video THE YOUNG AND THE HUNG. In that one two farm boys share a watermelon. I believe the same act was also included in the Mustang/Falcon vid THE INNER TRUTH. Sure looks fun!

  3. Hmmm, I usually don't like my watermelon with seed.