Friday, November 12, 2010


Melissa Lee Williams, 41, lives at the 77 Motor Inn in Jackson County, West Virginia, four doors down from her estranged husband Danny.  On October 22, an intoxicated Melissa barged into her husband's room, stripped off her pants and commanded "eat my pussy!". . . A friend of Danny's present at the time agreed to the request, approaching Melissa tentatively only to recoil in disgust once he got close to her vagina.  Melissa was a little ripe.  Outraged, she pulled out a small knife (from where, I don't know), and screamed at the two men, "Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I'm gunna cut your fucking throat!"-- A line perhaps never before issued in a police report.  A deputy soon arrived to arrest Melissa, who was released from jail after posting $3,000 in bail.  Yikes!  Let's hope she was able to get some relief in jail.

See the excerpt from the police report below:


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  1. I'll give her credit for one thing... bitch has moxie!