Sunday, November 14, 2010


Blauw Beof (Blue Rascal in Dutch) likes secrets.  He was so turned on donning lil' Colb, he blew a huge load all over me!  There is even video to prove it . . . video, sadly, I won't be able to share.  Strangely enough, Blauw is so worried someone might recognize his bathroom he didn't want me to post his epic cumshot.  

A recognizable bathroom?  Yes.  Apparently they exist.  Until proven otherwise, I will assume Blauw is the owner of this solid gold toilet.  Or perhaps this Swarovski crystal encrusted loo?

On a related note, if you're experiencing boy trouble, and no doubt many of you are-- I'm certainly a dick at times-- be sure to book your ticket to Japan now.  The Divorce Temple (with unisex prayer toilet) is open for business.  Flush that man right out of your hair!

. . . Also, apparently good for losing weight:



  1. Thanks for posting my pictures.
    It's Boef and not Beof, actually.
    (o and i do wear glasses:_)

  2. I wanted to say the same.... It's Boef, and not Beof! LOL
    Way to go Blauwe Boef! Kekke pics! Stoer dat je het hebt gedaan! Zou ik niet doen! Ennuh... ik ken je toilet niet hoor! ;-)

    Greetings from Holland!

  3. Lol à Dutch viewer. That is why i did not post the movie, i night get recognised...

  4. Doh! My apologies to Dutch speakers the world over. I'm dickslesic.