Sunday, November 21, 2010


"G" stands for "Glissade": The usually voluntary act of sliding down a steep slope of snow (or snow-white briefs in this case). . . More climbing lingo for lil-Colb to master before his big trek up mount monstercock.  Grapple and Glissade boys!  We don't want anyone else losing an arm.

If you haven't seen enough of Colby megacrush James Franco agonize, cringe and improvise, get yo' ass to a theatre!  The spectacle is worth the pain you will inevitable feel watching Franco's brilliant performance, hands down the best I've seen all year.  Once you see "127 Hours", carry yourself home and queue up "Touching the Void", a harrowing climbing doc that will leave you numb.  Two thumbs up (while I've still got em!!!). 

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