Saturday, November 20, 2010


The volcanic island of Jeju is the Niagara Falls of South Korea (and the only special autonomous province of the divided Asian nation).  In addition to being a natural World Heritage Site know for its impressive lava tubes, Jeju is home to the Love Land sculpture park.  With more than 150 individual sculptures of humans engaged in a wide and wild variety of sexual activity, the park also houses a huge outdoor cock monument (made to look like a Jersey cow), a forest of phallic totem poles, a collection of stone labia, and several "hands-on" exhibits, including something called a "masturbation cycle".  From what I hear, the park is in desperate need of some homo-erotica to balance things out.  After recently experiencing a Korean Bathhouse for the first time, I think I'm game for a challenge. 

Anyone interested in sending Colby on a reconnaissance trip?


  1. Absolutely incredible!! I want to go there NOW!

  2. Send you? I'm taking you with me as "carry-on". Try not to shift too much in the overhead compartment.