Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ah.  Such a serene experience. . . night swimming in the nude.  I already miss the summer.   From the blog Art From Behind.  Its as if Marylyn Minter, Gerhard Richter and Roni Horn had a baby:

 Marilyn Minter "Shit Kicker", 2006

Marilyn Minter, "Wettest Pam (Pamela Anderson)", 2009

Gerhard Richter, "Seascape (Cloudy)", 1969

Gerhard Richter, "Motorboot (1. Fassung)", 1965

 Roni Horn, from the series "Still Water (The River Thames, for Example)", 1999

 Roni Horn, "Opposite of White V.2", 2006-2007

Roni Horn, from "You Are the Weather", 1994-1996

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  1. don't forget my fave, vija celmins! http://www.fada.com/catalogimages//cel901.jpg