Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Meet Sebastian.  He lives in Zurich.  

I recently got a message from Sebastian lamenting the recent loss of his schnauzer.  As a fellow dog-man I couldn't help offer my deeply-felt condolences . . . until I realized he meant mustache.  "Schnauzer" is slang for mustache in Switzerland.   Luckily, Sebastian still had a picture to share with me.  

I could lose myself in those ice blue alpen eyes and rosy alpen apple cheeks.  All Sebastian needs is an alpenhorn and some lederhosen (birfdaze gift for Colby anyone?) 

Reminds me of one of my favorite porno scenes.  Beautiful boys!  HUGE cocks!  And folk costumes!  What could possibly go wrong. . . except I can't seem to upload the clip I want to show you!

DOH!  I tried uploading this video about 10 times with no luck!!!!!  Its really hot and funny. . . all of the boys start off wearing Eastern European folk costumes. . .  I remember there being a funny/hot circle jerk/hora orgy scene in the original movie but I don't remember what its called. . . Can anyone help me out?

Here are a few screen captures from my favorite scene:



  1. Good lord, the torso alone on the guy on the right is worth the price of admission. Waiting with baited breath for the clip of this scene...


  2. Sebastian is oh so very nice to look at, but I would like to see him without his schnauzer as well.