Friday, December 31, 2010


How many balls do you think Colby can fit into his mouth at once? 


Rarely captured on film, the elusive "coat orgy".  Watch as vegan pleather and floor-length fur make slow, painful love to each other.  Pile em on.


A Happy New Year from blog reader Ben!  Big hugs!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


YUM-ME!  Dripping with cheese! 


If you come from a religious background like me you're probably very familiar with holes in sheets and their concomitant uses.  Check out this inspiring spread from Dis and photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya: 


MAX STEELE from Dis puts it best: 

"What kind of sheets do you have on your bed, and what do they say about you?

You locate different aspects of your identity in bed. The bed is at once a place of rest and solitude, as well as a social space. It serves as the setting for both isolation and intimacy. The bed is a designated space for desire’s conception (dreams and fantasies) as well as fulfillment (fucking). Your bedsheets are an advertisement for your entire body in a bar where you cruise yourself from your mind.

Bedding is oracular. You can read someone by how they make and maintain their bedding. Like tea leaves. Even if someone doesn’t pay attention to their bedding choices, that’s a statement, too: passivity. (Perhaps some of us have more important things to think about than where we lay our heads.) A way of signaling that they are in control of their subconscious, their sleep just occurs incidentally. Usually white or black sheets, concerned with hygiene over aesthetics—but just barely.

Alternately, some people have sacred, illustrated beds, reflecting or alluding to the activities (both physical and psychic) that occur there. On my bed I have rainbow sheets from the 70s. It’s my own thing; I connect tertiary colors with the body and want to rub them against mine (and invite you over to do it, too).

The point is: how you accouter your bed reflects your relationship to your desire. Do you acknowledge it? Portray it? Play it down? Deny it? Could your bed more accurately reflect your source of empowerment? Could you change it into both the catalyst and totem of your creative and sexual liberation?"
 —Max Steele

Credit belongs to "Friend of Colby" K, the Philly Anthropologist, for passing this along and artist and photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya for snapping some cool pics. . .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Don't let the winter fool you; its getting warming. . . If you don't believe me ask this flaccid little fellow.  :-(

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



How did Alexander Markus know that Colby likes to sing about Papayas when he goes skinny dipping with his pet lobster Augusto Pinch-oet!?   Have you been spying on me!?

Oh wait. . . I think I'm having another drug-induced fever-dream.  Sigh.  Oh Germany.  How much we love thee. . .

Thanks to special "Friend of Colby" Magda for passing this along.  Congrats on the move to Portland girls!!!


Is your president/premier/prime minister a dick like ours?   I mean tax cuts for the super-fucking-filthy-rich Obama?  Thats it!  Line.  Drawn.  

If you'd like to show your frustration like poor lil' Colby check out "Bodega Vinyl Wall Art" and artist Michael Leon's contribution "Dick of the World".  I'll see your Kim Jong-il and raise you one Ahmadinejad. 

Monday, December 27, 2010


Take a close look. . . There!  Behind the snow drifts. . . Its cousin Yeti Keller drawing dicks in the snow again!  With his big shoes. tsk. tsk.  Now for a BigShoes tune:

"Snow! Medley" by Christine Lavin



As close as I am to Washington DC, I can tell you there may be nothing sexier in the world than a cute boy at a protest rally.  Boys who care?  Who really care?  SO FUCKING HOT.  Even sexier if they have a sense of humor.

After my post about anti-marriage protesters in San Francisco, my friend who recently submitted the minimalist wank-art video forwarded me this fun clip of protesters in Long Beach confronting the already ridiculous and funny Westboro Baptist Church.  The boys and girls of Wilson High School finally sent WBC packing.  The beautiful boy above in the white tank, and the cutie in the colorful patterned dress . . . so sexy!  Could it be that they are the same person?  Or twins?  I don't know who you boys are but I'm crushing.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


In Texas, everything IS bigger. . . and a little bit sharper. . . including the snow flakes.  Watch your fingers boys!  


Jarrod is what you might call a "pretty boy".

He finds growing hair to be a particularly difficult proposition.  He's in the middle of a beard attempt now.  These are the best pics of him with scruff.  Quite the talented writer, Jarrod can tell you more about himself better than I could.  A sample of Jarrod's prose from one of our online exchanges:

"I love a man with muscles and a beard. one of the last guys I hooked up with last had a handle-bar mustache. It felt incredible when he put his face under my balls and started rimming me. he rimmed me and held my shoulders with his huge hands. the veins that ran from his hands and up to his biceps were amazing. I loved watching him eat my ass and seeing his shoulder muscles contract and his head moved and his triceps flexed as he rubbed my chest. WOW. his chest was covered in a tailored coat of fur that was pattered in a swirl that started at his nipples and moved up his neck... then seemed to turn around and climb down his barrel chest to a half innie/outie belly button. when he first said hello I got hard instantly. his chest hair came out through the top of his shirt and his hairy legs came out of his shorts with calves the size of cantelopes. He had no hair on his back and a bit of fuzz on his ass. but he had beautiful balls... I'll never forget how amazing they felt as they hit my ass when he finally started fucking me. he was about 9.6 long and 6 thick with a foreskin that was to die for. it was thick and veiny. when he because erect the precum make his head shiny and it turned a dark pinkish red. The foreskin pulled back just to the base of the head but never pulled back any farther. when he came he let out the sexiest growl and shot enough cum to cover my chest... and make it to my face. I accidentally swallowed some of his load and I have to admit it tasted pretty good. :-)"

If you like to see Jarrod in action, check out this scorcher he made for Broke College Boys:


Christmas is a time of giving. . . and a time of reflecting on the gifts we've received. . . and sometimes its a time to apologize for our cringe-worthy inability to offer adequate appreciation where its due. 

When I first began to blog I received a book by author Derek McCormack, "The Show that Smells".  I read the book immediately and eagerly passed it along to a few close friends.  I enjoyed it so much, I felt completely handicapped in my ability to write an adequate blog post.  I kept putting it off.  Imagine a book that combines concrete poetry with the story of country music singer Jimmie Rodgers dying of tuberculosis, his wife Carrie, who sells her soul to the devil to save him, haute couture fashion icon Elsa Schiaparelli as a vampire heroine, Coco Chanel and the Carter Family as dashing vampire-killing anti-heroes. . . and you have one hell of a fun read.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Derek!!!!!!!!  I have but one critical point to offer: BRILLIANT!

I've written quite a bit about photographer Laurent Champoussin.  Around the same time Derek sent me his book, Laurent sent me two handmade artists books of his photography: a copy of the series "Love Stoned" and a specially bound book just for me, "Yesterday Night I Made a Little Book for Colby Keller". 

Like Derek, I was never able to show Laurent adequate appreciation (and adulation).   I was so blown away by his gesture I felt too stunned to respond.  How can you really show an honest degree of appreciation, when "thanks" doesn't seem to cut it.  I mean, Laurent printed a book just for me!  All I can do to thank him is show you more of his beautiful photography. 

From the series, "I am the Cosmos, I am the Wind":

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I thought LONG and HARD about what to get you for Christma-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Solstice-Ramadan. . .

And then it hit me.  Everyone loves horse cock right?

Happy Holidays!  (If horse cock really isn't your thing, how about a nice hairy hole?)



Friday, December 24, 2010


Shouldn't he be using his carrot?  Or do you think he has a corncob hidden under his harness?


"Friend of Colby" Bobby paints a new boy from the Butt Magazine Calendar every week.  So far, Reinaldo is by far my favorite.  Maybe we can do an art swap Bobby? 


You may remember Pork Torkey from Thanksgiving.  Don't get him confused with big brother Dick Chicken and his eager sidekick Pussy Ham.  Holidays make me horny!  And hungee!


"Oh little town of Bethlehem. . . . How still we see thee lie. . . "

Happy holidays from Colby Keller!!!  I snapped this pic of David earlier this month in San Francisco.  

Christmas trivia: What city was the baby Jesus born in?

Answer: The city of David!  Also know as Bethlehem (or Beit Lechem in Hebrew), Bethlehem has two significant meanings for Christians, one that is often overlooked.  The city helps link Jesus to King David, establishing Jesus as the prophesied heir to the throne of Israel.  Messiah and Christ mean mean "anointed one" afterall, a term reserved for priests and kings.  The City also helps foreshadow the Eucharist.  "Beit Lechem" translates as "House of Bread".   Put that in your carol and sing it.  :-)    

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Little Jack Horny. . .

"Little Jack Horner" --Robin Hendrix

"Pie" --DAT Politics


What could be hotter than a Hungarian/American/British mut with impeccable sartorial smarts and a big scruffy lumberjack beard?

How about a Hungarian/American/British mut with impeccable sartorial smarts, a big scruffy lumberjack beard AND sexy frames who loves the naked outdoors, looks good in a red hat, and sports a mammoth hooded treehugger.