Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've finally made it!!!!  I'm hip enough to fuck Pierre Fitch . . . at least according to Fleshbot.   Why this hasn't already happened is anyones guess. 

I've made it on to Fleshbot twice now!  This time for "Five Gay Pornstar Reality TV Series We Want to See Pronto". . . If only Fleshbot knew how boring my life really is: soaking beans for supper, sitting in front of my computer jacking off, sitting in front of my computer writing blog posts, sitting in front of my computer checking email, drawing, reading the New Yorker. . . All the best drama happens in the alley. . . when I have to dodge rats to get to my front door.  Throw in a little nekkid wrestling with Pierre Fitch though and I think it may just make some good TV.  Maybe we could call it "D-List Baltimore"?

That said, I am profoundly flattered.  Thank you Fleshbot.  BLUSH x 2


  1. Pierre Fitch?


    He is not at all hot. Have never understood the sexual fascination with him.

  2. Pierre currently lives, I believe, in TORONTO!! Yet another reason for you to get your ass up here. :)

    He djs at a club called Goodhandy's.