Thursday, December 16, 2010


Zach goes to school in Arizona and may just be my BIGGEST fan ever.  Isn't he a cutie?  I receive a new pic from Zach about once a week.  You may remember Zach waaaay back when, from melon madness.  This pic is the final accumulation of his No-Shave November (Noshember) beard-barb growstraviganza!  Excellent job Zach!  Just past the sandpaper stage . . . 10 more Novembers to mountain-man.  ;-)


  1. Oh, there's no way that I can claim the title of Colby's Biggest Fan Ever, when J-Bone has all that awesome art of you!

    Visual art is so much more than written art! But much love, Colby! I always stay shaggy for you!

    -Joel Kojote (Zach)

  2. Oh dear me, what a handsome devil, so nicely scruffy... and he goes to school somewhere around here too! *fans himself*

  3. I think, Zach, with you sending Colby a new picture once a week you have me beat in both quantity AND quality!
    Your photo is delicious!

    And here all I wanted to do was congratulate Colby on his three consecutive brilliantly made up words. "(Noshember) beard-barb growstraviganza". I'm incorporating "growstraviganza" into my daily vocabulary.


  4. J-Bone,
    There is no way that I can match the time and effort that is put into your drawings. I'm more a performer than a artist. You have the quality over me, any day.

    And, in reference to the "pulsating number one" on the other post?
    I've got my impressive pulsating member too. Colby's seen it, and it's up to him if that will drive me to the top. ;)