Friday, December 17, 2010


A "Friend of Colby" recently let me crash at his pad in Philly. . . An anthropologist studying the Aymara people of Bolivia, he picked up this amazing "Paqochis" mask on a recent trip to the Andes.  The Aymara perform the "Paqochis" dance satirizing white conquistadors.  Another friend of Colby, eager to expose the sheer robust aesthetic power of pattern-on-pattern, modeled the mask for me above.  But what would an ego-centered porn blog be without a picture of the aforementioned blogger?  To satisfy your Colby-kicks:

. . . And to doubly satisfy your no-doubt newfound appreciation for robust pattern-on-pattern action, a video of the "kena kena". . . Check out those shoulder pads!!!  If clashing patterns irrevocably disturb your homo-instincts, gigantic shoulder pads should more than assuage your inner fashion designer:


  1. I'm developing an addiction to this peculiar form of anthropology you tend to espouse... and so far your blog is about the only place I can get a fix. Damn you Colby Keller! (shakes fist)

  2. How much do you wanna bet that Lady Gaga will be rockin one of those masks within the next few weeks?