Monday, December 13, 2010


Does he have a beard or doesn't he?  I guess you'll just have to scroll down and find out. . .  

Yes!  He does!  

Isaac Gonyo is a proud member of the NYC Nasty Pig Crew.  He works at the world headquarters in Chelsea, right down the block from the Barracuda where I was the unfortunate victim of a pick-pocket.  Don't worry, I'm sure the fetish gear from Nasty Pig will only ADD a bulge to your pants not subtract from it.  

Check out Gonyo's hairy calves!  And spank-worthy ba-dunk-a-dunk (the last pic is a killer!)  Would it be possible for me to come in to the store Isaac and try on a pair of assless chaps. . . on you?  

I do like the "leg harness" (suggestively priced $69), pictured below.  XXXmas present for Colby anyone?  

More of Isaac Gonyo, waist down.  Check out that booty!