Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Blog reader John submitted this iphone art rendition of yours truly, based on a photo taken by erotic photographer Von Melzer.  I like the faux-wrinkled effect, looks like I've spent a little too long in John's wallet, right next to that old condom.  Now I just need someone to work on the official Bigshoes iphone ap.  Anyone interested in taking up the challenge?

I figure there could be a game where you insert your own image (or the image of a friend) in a picture with Colby (perhaps animated?) getting fucked by me or fucking me.  Fun no?  What other fun features would a Colby Keller ap have?


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  2. (one day i will learn to proof before POSTING)

    Other features: It would automatically (magically) teleport you to my home where you would be lavished with a wonderful, winter's meal - excellent food, even more excellent wine and well, the rest is a secret. You'll have to buy the app, use it and find out for yourself.

    (disclaimer - the above is only applicable in the case of CK using the app himself - all others just get an image capture of a pretty dinner table and Colby's face)

  3. Dinner! Wha!? When? Where? Should I bring my elastic-waist sweat pants? I take free food very seriously.