Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So I may not have turned a nickel for the Mazzoni Center on my recent trip to Philly but I did manage to meet a couple of amazing fans.  I bumped into Jeffrey as Club Voyeur was gently corralling half naked porn-stars and kicking us out.  By that point, I was already prepping for my next meal.  Jeffery recommended his favorite brunch hotspot Honey's Sit and Eat for a classic home-cooked Jewish brunch. . . 

After a long night of disappointment and booze, I woke up with a mighty hankering for bacon so I decided to forego Honey's for Sebrina's in South Philly where I had the ability to select from an entirely Smurf-themed smörgåsbord.  I chose the "Sassette Smurf Sandwhich" (braised root beer-honey pulled pork, smothered in green onion Alabama white BBQ sauce, served on slider mini rolls and topped with red cabbage-caramelized apple-parsnip slaw) with a side of bacon of course.  Sassette and I have a lot in common, besides our apparent love of apple-parsnip slaw and Alabama white BBQ sauce.  If you don't remember Sassette, she was the tomboy lezzie smurf.  I'm about as close to a lesbian tomboy as a gay man can get I think.  Next time I'm in Philly however, Honey's is at the top of my list.  I'll make sure I fit in a nice sloppy treif dinner the night before. . .

Back home in Balmer, I was excited to discover a surprise email from Jeffrey.  After we met, he made three fantastic line drawings of me. . . drawings he assures me, that received special "finishing touches" once completed.  I love the idea of Jeffrey frantically drawing my picture, one hand on his pencil, one hand on his cock, biting a large pink eraser.  I think we may have finally discovered a way to spruce up the classic wank-off solo video.  Just so you get an idea of who Jeffrey is, observe him iron his flannels.  Such a good Jewish boy!  Make momma proud! 

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  1. And to think, while you were enjoying your "Sassette", I was right around the corner screen printing t-shirts.