Monday, December 27, 2010


As close as I am to Washington DC, I can tell you there may be nothing sexier in the world than a cute boy at a protest rally.  Boys who care?  Who really care?  SO FUCKING HOT.  Even sexier if they have a sense of humor.

After my post about anti-marriage protesters in San Francisco, my friend who recently submitted the minimalist wank-art video forwarded me this fun clip of protesters in Long Beach confronting the already ridiculous and funny Westboro Baptist Church.  The boys and girls of Wilson High School finally sent WBC packing.  The beautiful boy above in the white tank, and the cutie in the colorful patterned dress . . . so sexy!  Could it be that they are the same person?  Or twins?  I don't know who you boys are but I'm crushing.


  1. Awesome! Go Long Beach!

    My favourite -- God Hates Figs!

  2. I had no idea that the protesters got that close to each other. See, that would be my one and only problem. If I were within face distance of those stupid WBC motherfuckers at ANY time, I would unleash a fury of ass-beating on them unlike anything they had ever seen before. But that's just me, I'm sure nobody else feels that way too. ;-)

  3. How fabulous! The gay community succeeded in doing what the courts couldn't: we chased away the homophobes.


  4. I love this video! And the guy with the "God Hates Figs" sign is a beaut!!