Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas is a time of giving. . . and a time of reflecting on the gifts we've received. . . and sometimes its a time to apologize for our cringe-worthy inability to offer adequate appreciation where its due. 

When I first began to blog I received a book by author Derek McCormack, "The Show that Smells".  I read the book immediately and eagerly passed it along to a few close friends.  I enjoyed it so much, I felt completely handicapped in my ability to write an adequate blog post.  I kept putting it off.  Imagine a book that combines concrete poetry with the story of country music singer Jimmie Rodgers dying of tuberculosis, his wife Carrie, who sells her soul to the devil to save him, haute couture fashion icon Elsa Schiaparelli as a vampire heroine, Coco Chanel and the Carter Family as dashing vampire-killing anti-heroes. . . and you have one hell of a fun read.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Derek!!!!!!!!  I have but one critical point to offer: BRILLIANT!

I've written quite a bit about photographer Laurent Champoussin.  Around the same time Derek sent me his book, Laurent sent me two handmade artists books of his photography: a copy of the series "Love Stoned" and a specially bound book just for me, "Yesterday Night I Made a Little Book for Colby Keller". 

Like Derek, I was never able to show Laurent adequate appreciation (and adulation).   I was so blown away by his gesture I felt too stunned to respond.  How can you really show an honest degree of appreciation, when "thanks" doesn't seem to cut it.  I mean, Laurent printed a book just for me!  All I can do to thank him is show you more of his beautiful photography. 

From the series, "I am the Cosmos, I am the Wind":


  1. Well, I'm tickled that you liked it, Colby! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Love, Derek

  2. Hey Derek!!!
    I'm glad you liked it, too. So do you ever check Dennis Cooper's blog?