Thursday, December 16, 2010


Onward!  To the STD clinic!

After hearing the news of a possible cure for AIDS yesterday I decided to gather my courage (and brave the snowstorm) to get my trimonthly HIV test.  Like the the freshly fallen snow in Baltimore, my blood is clean.  The snow won't stay that way for long.  Hopefully my body will.

David Burns "Cure for AIDS"

If you haven't heard the news, an HIV positive American man living in Berlin underwent a stem-cell transplant for leukemia.  He had surgery in 2007, went off his meds and has since tested negative for 20 months, leading doctors to declare him officially cured.   Apparently, this has happened before with a few rare bone-marrow transplants.  Unfortunately, the treatment will remain illusive for most.  In addition to the prohibitive cost, the unlikely odds of finding a donor with an HIV-resistant mutation, stem-cell and bone marrow transplants have a 20-30% percent mortality rate. . . Looks like we will just have to keep on waiting. . .

Until then, get tested boys!


  1. Get tested AND play safe! Always!

  2. I heard about the guy with leukemia and thought it was a great story of inspiration. I really likeyour blog man. Saw it on Dudesnude. I too live in the DC area. HATING THE NEW SNOW