Friday, December 17, 2010


It appears my post about Arizona Zach has sparked a minor fan war.  "Dan the Fan" from Dublin maintains that HE is my number one fan, not Zach, and Dan has the giant, wrist-thick pulsating number ONE to prove him right!  I think I may be inclined to agree. . . and drool. . . Can we be number one fans of each other? 

Or maybe Zach and Dan the Fan from Dublin should duel?  Fight to the orgasm! 



    Holy Hell, I never tried to claim I was THE #1 fan. Can't Colby have a lot of awesomely hot fans?

    But I do feel the need to send in a boner pic, simply just for the love of competition!

  2. My initial response was to go on a tirade of threats and insults toward anyone who tried to lay claim to my title. But then I realized it would be silly since we can all agree that Colby is the hottest (and coolest) muthafucker in all the land.
    Also I thought that sending you a lot of pics would be annoying, but if you say you don't mind then prepare to be inundated with shit from me

  3. Fight to "La Petit Mort"

  4. awww hale naw!!! errbody know i'm colby's #1-est fan of all time.... OF ALL TIME!

    So y'all can fight over the #2 spot if you'd like.

  5. Hey Colby! How do I send you stuff? I feel like I could give these dudes a run for their money.

  6. Ill jizz you all off the table!! Dan the Fan's cock is top of this list ladies!!

    Death or Colby!!

    Cumshot Competition? Cumpetition??

    More to cum!

    CUM ALONG!!!

  7. For the record, I believe there are a LOT of pulsating number ones out there for Colby.

    So I can assume that they are all #1 fans. I declare this war OVER!!!

  8. Oh no, Dublin fan takes the cake, hands down, as far as photographic evidential proof goes. No doubt. That's a BIG WINNER right there! Or a BIG WEINER -- whichever. Yep, he's the winner of the two. Fer shur!

  9. May I point out that, if you want photographic evidential proof, that Colby said "the competition" sent him a pic every week?

  10. Nice! Love the beard and his hair.

    The dick ain't too shabby either.

  11. Can we do a blind taste test to determine the winner?!

  12. WOW WOW WOW... I want that Dan fan!!

    Is he single? A top? Into chubby guys? Coming to NY anytime soon?

    I want answers Colby!