Friday, December 17, 2010


If the marquee at your local theater gives any indication, Xmas 2010 is shaping up to be a pretty damn gaaay holiday.  In addition to "Black Swan", with its torrid lesbian sex scene and . . . well, ballet (what could be gayer?) . . .  you can also catch "I Love You Philip Morris"--hetero joe-blow Steven Russell (Jim Carey) discovers he is gay after a freak car accident-- "All Good Things" a thriller based on true events, starring Ryan Gosling (if you only see the preview you'd think the movie is an overly-dramatic abercise video), and lastly, "Marwencol", a documentary about a mentally handicapped artist.   

Don't let me fool you.  Mark Hogancamp, the star of "Marwencol", isn't gay.  He likes the ladies.  He likes them so much in fact, he spends most of his day playing with Barbies.  After a brutal beating that left him mentally handicapped, Mark discovers a form of therapeutic engagement to address his faulty memory and extensive nerve damage.  He painstakingly constructs a miniature alternative reality using dolls in period costume.  His fantasy centers around his own alter-ego, a US soldier caught in the middle of WWII, who discovers a village named Marwencol filled with beautiful Belgian hotties.  Mark takes detailed photographs of each daily plot point. 

How is Mark's story remotely queer you might ask?  (I suppose if you need to question how a handicapped adult man who plays with dolls is queer, maybe you're not so queer.)  Mark was mercilessly beaten after confessing to a group of men in an Upstate New York bar that he was a cross-dresser.  He has a shoe collection even I could be jealous of (all of them in heels).  

Mark's story nearly moved me to tears.  One of the saddest moments in the film comes when Mark travels to the big city for his first gallery opening only discover that not everyone in Greenwich Village wears a feather boa.  Sometimes even our most prosaic fantasies come to disappoint us.  Check out more of Mark's handiwork below. . .

If you're still not convinced, watch the trailer:


  1. It doesn't surprise me at all that this film would attract you. I spent a good long while browsing your Wishpot list; _Marwencol_ seems to fit in quite well with your (fascinating) range of interests. You're an amazing, interesting man.

  2. David levinthal did this exact same thing in the 70's. Sorry but yawn