Sunday, December 5, 2010


I recently came across a post called "The Saddest, Most Beautiful Porn You'll Ever See".  It's not hype.  You won't be disappointed.  Fleshbot said it best, Collegefuckboy is a cross between Stanley Kubrick and Wong Kar-Wai . . . but for porn.  I know this may be a bit excessive but his shit is so good I had to post all five masterpieces.  Sorry that Blogger's video upload function produces such tiny videos!  If you'd like to see bigger versions, check out Collegefuckboy's Xtube page.  

"The Suns Gone Dim"


"The Black Spark, Chapter 1.5"

"The Black Spark, Chapter 1"

"Intro to Crime Fighting"


  1. These are absolutely fantastic! They actually remind me of a mix between Christopher Rage's uniquely bizarre porn and Michael Zen's unusual artistic vision. These are sexy, disturbing, and addictive!

  2. *wipes tear*

    *wipes cum*

    I think I'll have to pop some acid next time, though... to get the full effect.

  3. Yeah, those are amazing. It's actually the discontinuity that gets to me the most.

    I like 70s porn. I don't know if you look at Dennis Cooper's blog, but I did the post on 70s porn images that's been up there this weekend. You can find it at:

    So like I said, I'll post the following a couple of times in your Comments section and see if it reaches you:

    Hey Colby--If you read this: Sorry I missed your comment about my spring class on Sex in American Cinema at the Corcoran. The easiest way for me to make sure of getting in contact is to email me: You can also get me at the gmail for my profile:

    The class will meet Thursdays from 1:30-5:30 (long sessions for film screenings) at the Corcoran, which I'm assuming you know, since you're all art-y. We only talk about "adult film" near the end of the semester--most of the class is about how the Production Code created movies', and therefore Americans', ideas about sex. So the best time for you to come would be late April-early May. If that's not convenient to you, though, we could work something out. It could be a chance for you to do an Actors' Studio type interview on your career and your ideas about porn.
    There'd be a stipend, of course, nothing like what you get for a shoot--but presumably we won't ask you to have sex--and if you need to travel, we can cover that, too.
    So let me know what you think. I'll try posting this a couple times and see if it gets to you if I don't hear back from you at my email.
    I think this could be a great event.

    It looks like you're out of town and may be pretty busy (though I'm impressed at how often you post) so I'll keep trying to find you.

  4. These are really artistic and erotic videos. Thanks for posting them!