Saturday, December 4, 2010


Birfdaze alert!  "Friend of Colby" Kenny turns 24 today!

Kenny just recently graduated from a seven month stint in Americorp, with a specialization in fire training.  After his graduation ceremony, Kenny stayed the night at my apartment in Baltimore.  He wanted to get a fresh start early the next morning for his 12 hour drive to an organic moonshine distillery where he plans on wwoofing.  Like many young college graduates, Kenny hasn't had luck scoring a job (despite his stunning good looks and Ivy League diploma).  The unemployment problem is a lot worse than most people realize, especially for recent college grads.  Kenny and his two siblings are the first in their family to go to college (Brown, West Point and Stanford at that!)

Kenny woke, packed his bag, gave a quick good bye and headed out the door.  Five minutes later I get a knock.  Kenny's truck was gone!  He'd been towed.  We spent the rest of the weekend frantically trying to scrounge up enough money to get his truck out of the impound lot.  He only had $165 buck on a debit card from Americorp to get himself home.  The towing fee alone was $275.  With a few extra bucks from me and cash from a stereo he was forced to pawn, Kenny managed to get the truck out and pay me back, but still needed money to get himself to the farm.  For that, I'd like to give a very special shout out to Secrets in DC.  Without letting this beautiful novice dance last Saturday night, he'd still be stuck in my bed in Balmer.  Damn you Secrets!    

If anyone has a job for Kenny, preferably something in wildland fire-fighting, he'd certainly appreciate a nice B-Day prez.  Kenny is also a "Boy with Beard" and "Guy with Glasses" (you can see his sexy frames clipped to his gear in the picture above).  Kenny and his fellow Americorp teammates got a little tipsy after a long day of fire training one night and decided to pose for their very own risqué calendar . . . All hail the phallic power of the chainsaw!  Buzzzzzzzz.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

If you know of any job opportunities for Kenny, give Colby a shout: BIGSHOEDIARIES@GMAIL.COM . . . which reminds me.  We should get married.  Kenny Keller has a nice ring to it.  ;-)


  1. Colby
    I'm a huge fan of your work and I also happen to be a volunteer with an LGBT storytelling Tour that is traveling around the country this Fall collecting LGBT stories.

    We would LOVE to get you to tell us a story when the Story Tour makes it to Maryland in the next couple weeks.
    If you're willing the process takes about 30-40 minutes.
    We'd so appreciate your participation.
    You can reach me at
    Thanks in advance.

  2. OH!- and eeeewww! at those girls. They ruined Kenny for me. You can have him. Dirty girls. Eeeew again.

  3. I'm sure the thought of him having to stay in your bed another day was just devastating to you.....

  4. I think he had the idea right with the calendar to start, at least in concept. I believe one of the assets of the struggle to find employment these days is that we (as college grads) need to invent out own careers. We will struggle, cling to the last dollars and definitely live by the grace of strangers and friends, but ultimately I think it will do good things. The best part is that in this experience we are not alone and we can share it via the web. If nothing else we are becoming more effective and efficient storytellers.