Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Is your president/premier/prime minister a dick like ours?   I mean tax cuts for the super-fucking-filthy-rich Obama?  Thats it!  Line.  Drawn.  

If you'd like to show your frustration like poor lil' Colby check out "Bodega Vinyl Wall Art" and artist Michael Leon's contribution "Dick of the World".  I'll see your Kim Jong-il and raise you one Ahmadinejad. 

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  1. Mr. Colby- I, too, feel the vomit in my throat when I think of the extension of the Bu$h tax cuts. Obamarama has had it's disappointments, sure. But, as others have pointed out, none of the legislation passed in the last two weeks of the year would (DADT, 9/11 healthcare, extended unemployment, START, etc.) would have been possible if the prez hadn't swallowed hard and taken the bitter pill. After living through 2000-2008, I think we need to realize that pragmatism isn't the same thing as evil. Cheers, happy New Year, and I'd love to get my tongue shoved way up your fuckhole...Jeff.