Saturday, December 11, 2010


What's better than a leaky wiki?  . . . . A data dump!!!!

Transparency lubricates the democratic process, keeps it pumping along at a steady pace.  Sure, there may be a big explosion every once and a while, but thats the price we pay for freedom.  :-)


There may be nothing I enjoy more from a hard throbbing cock than pre-cum.  Don't get me wrong, cum is great too, but cum doesn't quite convey the anticipation and exuberant tension of pre-cum.  Cum is like an "A +" on a term-paper.  Feels great, but you know there is another unfinished paper right around the corner next semester. . . Precum is the knowledge that you're on the right track to learning something useful.  Maybe it will lead to a degree and a job!

There's something exciting about the externalization of desire, whether it's in the form of a hard throbbing cock or pre-cum dripping and oozing through a pair of sweaty gym shorts.  Ask any lesbian fan of gay porn.  I get excited about Leaky Wikis as much as I do about Wiki Leaks. . . anything that holds big government and corporations accountable is sexy to Colby Keller.  Externalize the truth!

I find it HILARIOUS that the US soldier responsible for the original round of leaks, Bradley Manning, may have been inspired to leak secret information because of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, or at least his inability to live openly and legally challenge homophobic attacks from fellow soldiers in his unit.  Swoon.  My gay hero!!!  Lets hope they don't lock him in the slammer for too long.

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