Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I recently had a friend request that I post more pics of myself, especially more awkward blurry pics.  I SWEAR I'm not just being vain.  Truth be told, I kinda despise taking pictures of myself (and hate posting them even more).  Writing a blog is like Buddhism-- both encourage a healthy degree of self-effacement.  To demonstrate just how painful the process can be, I thought I'd lay bare an ineffectual attempt to photograph myself wearing a hat.  How does this thing work anyways?  The hat I mean.  Brim down?  Brim up?  Cocked to the side?  French style?  Irish style?  Russian sailor style?  So many choices. . . so few pixels.

The hat is a gift from Karlo in Montreal (ooops, I originally said Toronto - sorry, Karlo) who thrifted it somewhere deep in the bowels of bountiful Quebec.  I'm told its 100% leather. . . A true treasure.

Karlo sent the hat along with two killer Colby portraits below (much better than my shotty self-portraits above) as both belated birfdaze presents and tribute to the true "pleasure of bottoming".  Moooaaaan.  Thank you Karlo.  That hit the spot.  :-)

*The Memorable Order of Tin Hats (MOTH), a real organization headquartered in Durban, South Africa, is a veterans group for ex-front-line soldiers.  As a former Frontline watcher and soldier for Christ I consider myself an honorary member.  :-)


  1. You look gorgeous no matter how you wear it

  2. Dude, if I looked like you, I'd be camwhoring all day, errday!

  3. Yes....not to stroke your ego too much, Colby, but please don't stop taking pix of yourself and uploading....

  4. No need for false modesty! You're adorable.