Saturday, December 11, 2010


How many times can I fall in love with James Franco?  Once?  Twice?

Even James Franco is in love with James Franco!  Put him in front of a mirror and there are two of him.  What more could you ask for!   Oh, to be a sheet of glass!

Blog reader Rhane sent me a great video Franco made as part of a project for the New York Times.  Owen Pallet helped score a number of videos depicting Hollywood actors in classic black and white archetypal roles.  The video of Franco planting a wet one on his own reflection takes the cake.  Clearly, James has a sense of humor and knows how to poke a little fun at himself and his profession, which makes him doubly attractive to me.

Maybe this helps explain the Peters twin phenomenon.  Or is that just about an identical set of killer abs?

Check out the video of Franco here:


  1. I saw this video when it was posted on the NY Times web site. Wow! For my sake, I hope that James Franco is as much of a fan of you as you are of him, and that the two of you get together (as you inevitably must) and make a sexy video to share with all of us Friends of Colby!

  2. ^^^ I like the way you think, Anon.

    James Franco is actually my husband right now... but out of the kindness of my heart, I'll let you borrow him, Colby. :)

  3. You said that James knows how to poke a little fun at himself and his profession.... Ya know what? I'm just bettin' that it wouldn't be the first time James has been poked, either. Yep, I'd bet money on that one. He's a hottie for sure. Just wish he'd come on out of that closet.

  4. God, he's gorgeous! Out of all the guys in Hollywood, he'd be my first choice to sleep with....with Cam Gigandet a close second.