Tuesday, December 28, 2010



How did Alexander Markus know that Colby likes to sing about Papayas when he goes skinny dipping with his pet lobster Augusto Pinch-oet!?   Have you been spying on me!?

Oh wait. . . I think I'm having another drug-induced fever-dream.  Sigh.  Oh Germany.  How much we love thee. . .

Thanks to special "Friend of Colby" Magda for passing this along.  Congrats on the move to Portland girls!!!


  1. My dad used to work in the building featured at the beginning of the building that looks a little like a penis. It was called Teufelsberg (= Devil's Mountain) and was built on top of a large hill that was made of the rubble that the rubble ladies collected in Berlin after the end of the war. Berlin had more rubble than the next three largest German cities together. On top of the Teufelsberg was a US government listening post - it had great line of sight into East Germany and beyond. The British forces HQ was fairly near the base of "T'berg" and my dad's driver used to take us to the British Officers' Club to meet him for lunch quite often.