Sunday, December 26, 2010


Jarrod is what you might call a "pretty boy".

He finds growing hair to be a particularly difficult proposition.  He's in the middle of a beard attempt now.  These are the best pics of him with scruff.  Quite the talented writer, Jarrod can tell you more about himself better than I could.  A sample of Jarrod's prose from one of our online exchanges:

"I love a man with muscles and a beard. one of the last guys I hooked up with last had a handle-bar mustache. It felt incredible when he put his face under my balls and started rimming me. he rimmed me and held my shoulders with his huge hands. the veins that ran from his hands and up to his biceps were amazing. I loved watching him eat my ass and seeing his shoulder muscles contract and his head moved and his triceps flexed as he rubbed my chest. WOW. his chest was covered in a tailored coat of fur that was pattered in a swirl that started at his nipples and moved up his neck... then seemed to turn around and climb down his barrel chest to a half innie/outie belly button. when he first said hello I got hard instantly. his chest hair came out through the top of his shirt and his hairy legs came out of his shorts with calves the size of cantelopes. He had no hair on his back and a bit of fuzz on his ass. but he had beautiful balls... I'll never forget how amazing they felt as they hit my ass when he finally started fucking me. he was about 9.6 long and 6 thick with a foreskin that was to die for. it was thick and veiny. when he because erect the precum make his head shiny and it turned a dark pinkish red. The foreskin pulled back just to the base of the head but never pulled back any farther. when he came he let out the sexiest growl and shot enough cum to cover my chest... and make it to my face. I accidentally swallowed some of his load and I have to admit it tasted pretty good. :-)"

If you like to see Jarrod in action, check out this scorcher he made for Broke College Boys:


  1. but wait, he is not STRAIGHT??! that cannot be! all those hot dudes in broke college boys are raging heterosexuals, NO???!

  2. Yeah, oh yeah...definitely they're ALL straight. Just like all the guys on Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher and Frat Men. Definitely uh, straight. LMAO. Yeah right. Sorry fellas, but indeed, while you may not be solely gay, if your cock gets hard thinking about, looking at or while touching another man's cock, then YOU have GAY in you (no pun intended) and you're NOT straight. Straight men do not have sex with other men, not if they are really straight.

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