Tuesday, December 14, 2010


WARNING!  This may prove to be the most boring post I've made all year. 

Last weekend, after narrowly squeezing by TSA agents to get on my scheduled flight to San Francisco, I entered the dazzling new JetBlue terminal at JFK.  If you haven't been to JFK you're lucky, its a big hulking, confusingly dilapidated place.  But the new JetBlue terminal was about as chic as I've seen an American airport get. 

There were special kiosks where you could order food delivered to your gate (pictured below).  It didn't help that I kept confusing "paninis" with penis.  Unfortunately, we live in the age of plastic.  I couldn't use cash and was relegated to eating from the concessions stand.  No airport penis for Colby.  (I also managed to piss-off a flight attendant by ordering a drink on the plane and forgetting to bring my stolen debit card to pay for it).

There were also 5 moderately priced chi chi restaurants bearing a consistent mod design aesthetic (apparently owned and operated by the airline?) . . . To my great joy there was even a Muji!  Muji is a cross between Staples and Ikea, Japanese style.  I picked up some simple yet beautiful toothbrushes (my biggest design aggravation) and a new set of ear bugs (my second biggest design aggravation).  I especially appreciated the exposed support beam enclosed in glass at the front of the store.  Who says you can't make an airport interesting! 

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